That said…

You make the call.  I see no distinct kicking motion.  I also see that Sedin’s foot is already turned by the time Burrows releases the puck.

I prefer to take lessons home from these kinds of situations.  For example, the NHL is trying to tell us that instead of stopping at the crease when you go to the net, you shouldn’t even consider it … and just run the goalie instead.  That way, if the puck goes in off of you, it can’t be considered a kicking motion.


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  1. I might also add that you can look at it in slow-motion all you want, but O’Donnel was hooking on for a ride on Sedin, and he was being turned around while trying to stop. And for all those talking about the puck coming from behind the net, and changing direction (thus the puck was propelled into the net), the puck comes from the side, as Burrows brings it to the front of the net. In fact, you can see clearly in the replays above that the pass originates from the top corner of the crease, and is directed into the far corner. The angle of change is not nearly as great as some (Bob Mckenzie) are trying to claim.

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