Another first? How about a real time blog?

I’ve seen this done in other forums, so I think I’ll try it here.  It’s gametime!

7:02: Game hasn’t started yet, but arena is dark.  Just relived games 1-3.  That sucked.

7:02: Is it me, or are the between period Kings announcers waaaaay too intense?  Particularly Jim Fox.

7:03: Love this stat: “Michael Handzus 3 points, career playoff high.”  Congrats.

7:05: Kings coming onto the ice through the dungeon looking hallway.  I always feel like they’re in the Magic Castle or Medieval Times.  Fans waving towels like crazy.  I wonder if they realize that that’s a Canucks tradition?  Look it up, Roger Nielson.  I’m not lying.

7:10: Luongo looks focused.  I hope that’s the case.  Here we go!

7:11: Shannon says that the Kings fan chanting Luongo sounds like the Canucks fans’ “Luuuuuuuuu”.  Not even close.

7:13: I hate to say it, but Steve Bernier has been pretty good this series.  He’s doing what he can, and not playing too far out of his ability. Good chance for the ‘Nucks there on a scramble in front of the net.

7:14: Ugh.  Alberts is playing.  Great.  He’s good for 3 Kings’ PPs.

7:15: Surprised people are making comments that the Twins are folding under the physical play of the playoffs.  To my eye, their going to the dirty places and taking their share of the punishment.  They just haven’t found the same passing lanes.  Probably because it’s the playoffs, and the defense is tighter.

7:17: Where were these fans in the last two years?  Staples is loud.

7:19: Luo looks pretty solid so far.  Good glove stop off Richardson.

7:22: AWFUL giveaway by Bieksa.  I’ve never been a fan, but ESPECIALLY for the last year or so.  He’s been even more aloof and careless with the puck than he usually is lately.

7:25: Game starting to open up 5 on 5.  I’m still not sold on the Kings at even strength.  They have trouble generating ANYTHING, other than odd man rushes when one of our guys pinches.

7:27: First powerplay of the game!  But for the ‘Nucks.  Awful penalty by Jack Johnson; just hauled off and cross checked someone nowhere near the play.  Good job.  Stick to your awful music career.

7:29: Let’s see if the Canucks can actually run a PP… so far, looks a little scrambly.

7:31: Kyle Wellwood has to expunge from his system that drop pass when he has 3 guys on him in traffic.

7:32: Two on one for the Kings… SAVE!  And then Brown runs Luo!  WHAT THE HELL!  RUN QUICK!!!!

7:32: And now it’s a KING’S PP!?!?!?!?!? Moment of truth, now.


7:35: Doughty from Frolov and Bieksa Brown.

7:37: Despite the fact that he let in that goal, Luongo looks fantastic.  The rest of the team?  Not so much.  Can’t even get out of our zone right now.  Oh wait, we iced it, I guess.

7:42: God, I hate American play by play.  “One has to ask himself, why would Doughty be down near the crease if the puck looks like it was frozen?  He would be out of position!  But he’s just has a sixth sense…”  No, mostly because he’s on the power play, and he saw the puck come loose.  I mean, it was sitting in the slot for a good few seconds.

7:45: Shannon: “I wonder if Drew Doughty should be my new husband.  Dustin Brown just isn’t cutting it.” Fantastico

7:45: Bad period by the Canucks.  The PK looked better (for the, what, 20 seconds it was out there), and they’re playing a box (exactly what I recommended).  Luo looks good, but we’re not generating the kind of offence that we have throughout this series.  Lacking hustle right now.

7:49: Andy Garcia, checking out his first game in person.  Looking like the Unabomber.  What the heck?

8:02: Here we go.  Period 2.  Let’s get it going Boys!

8:04: Another bad non-call.  Stoll reaches around Burrows to throw him off and get the puck.  In the NHL rulebook, that’s called holding.

8:08: Ok, Canucks PP number 2.  Let’s see if we can get a shot.

8:09: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!  Christian Ehrhoff!  Good pass Edler, good screen Bernier. Ehrhoff from Edler and Wellwood.

8:11: Can’t stress how good Luo looks tonight.  No rebounds, active arms, good position, not overreacting to traffic in front.

8:12: Bieksa twisting his knife in our back again.  Awful interference/ hooking penalty.

8:13: Sedins on the PK?  Wow, we are getting desperate.  But so far, good kill.

8:14: Dammit!  Kings on the PP.  Brown off the faceoff.  Poor rotation by the Canucks, good one timer from the slot.  Not much Luongo could have done there, though his low hands bit him in the ass.  Brown from Modin and Frolov.

8:17: Luongo without his stick, and NO ONE goes to get it from him, even when we have control.  What the hell? At least kick it to him or something!

8:21: Ok, Canucks’ PP.  Get it done.

8:24: Argh.  Good pressure, just no goals.

8:27: Not moving the puck fast enough.

8:28: BULL SHIT!  Hansen missed his face!  Hansen for the highstick.  Another Kings PP.

8:30: Did someone kill Bieksa and replace him with someone even worse?  Who leaves Jack Johnson alone in the slot on the PK while checking no one?

8:32: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLL!  Pavol Demitra!  SOMEONE GOT THE SMELLING SALTS!  HE’S BACK FROM THE DEAD!  Damn, that was a great shot.  Low, far side post and in.  Demitra off a great stretch pass from Ehrhoff.

8:34: Good action in front of the Kings net!  Finally the Canucks showing some fire in the belly!  And what the hell is that that’s growing on Dustin Brown’s face?  Brown and Burrows to the box.

8:37: Kings goal.  Kopitar tips one in on the weak side on a delayed penalty.  Guess who blew the coverage?  How about one K. Bieksa?  GET HIM OFF THE ICE!

8:41: This is infuriating.  No one’s moving the puck, no one’s hitting, no one’s playing like they give a fuck.  What the hell?!

8:45: I think Gary Bettman celebrated 4/20 in a way unbecoming of a major sports league commissioner.  It sounds like he just wake and baked.

9:01: Period 3.  Gotta win this period.  Our entire postseason is this 20 minutes right now.

9:04: Not a good start.  Daniel Sedin off for tripping.  Kings PP.

9:06: Luongo robs Brown on a tip.  Good save.  Good PK.

9:09: Wellwood line doing well.

9:10: SAAAAVE!!!  Luongo HUGE save on Frolov on a breakaway.  Holy shit.  Where have you been?

9:12: Dinner time!

9:14: GOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!! GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAAAAAAALLLL!!!!  Sedin’s perfect shot pass to Samuelsson for a beautiful tip from the slot. Nice goal.  Samuelsson from D. Sedin and O’Brien.

9:16: Canucks engine starting to rev.  Here we go….

9:18: I have a piece of corned beef stuck up my nose… this is painful and uncomfortable.

9:19: Too many men on the Kings!  Canucks PP.  Kings maybe showing their age?

9:23: Ehrhoff playing like a champion out there.  Amazing to think that we got him for almost nothing.

9:23: SALO SCORES!  GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!!  Salo on the PP from Henrik and Daniel.  That’s what we’re used to.

9:24: The winds of change … they are a-blowing…

9:25: Scratch that.  They’re blowing … right in our face.  Simmonds beats O’Brien to the net for a feed from Smyth off a missed shot by Johnson.  Great.  Tied again.

9:28: Luo should have frozen that.  That goal is his fault. No.  That’s not his fault.  That’s O’Brien’s fault.  Luo had no chance to react to that.  Don’t let your man beat you to the rebound.  Simple SOB.  Maybe if you were a little slimmer.  MORE SKATING.


9:36: Good job Wellwood!  Use that fat!

9:38: Empty net….  Here it is…

9:39: Kings timeout.  Phew.

9:41: Empty netter for Kesler.  This game is OVAH!

9:42: This thing’s going back to Vancouver.  It’s a 3 game series, and we have home ice advantage.  Luo played well, the Sedins played well, Bieksa played awful, but most importantly, the CANUCKS WIN!!!!!

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