Kick in goals

From Nucks Misconduct, a Canucks blog:

Check out that Bertuzzi goal.  Even he knows he got away with kicking that one in.  Yowza.

There are some excellent points here, particularly about how the NHL changed the rule mid-season, didn’t tell anyone, and it not making a difference anyways.  Again, the point of the article isn’t about some conspiracy about how the Canucks are getting screwed out of the series (they’re just not playing well enough to take it), but that there is a huge media bias against the Canucks and Canucks fans because a) the west coast bias, which does exist, and b) no one is willing to take the NHL to task about their rules interpretations and officiating.  I was shocked after the Auger incident – where there was CLEARLY some impropriety – that many journalists and fans just accepted the NHL’s word at face value, and the NHL blamed the Canucks for being shit disturbers.

I’ll put this particular goal to rest, because in the grand scheme of this series, its a non-issue.  However, I think it’s one example that is indicative of a far larger problem: the NHL and how it handles these situations.

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