Les Habs!

What can you really say about this series win?  Montreal – Pittsburg, just like Montreal – Washington before it, was supposed to be a laugher, a 4 or 5 game series with the Pens getting an easy win into the next round.  Instead, Montreal played like a team, their goalie playing spectacularly, and the Pens are going home, licking their wounds.  Meanwhile, Crosby finished with just one goal and 5 points (1-4-5, -1) and Malkin with just 1 goal and 3 point (1-2-3, -2).  I wonder what all the pundits will say now that Crosby finished with less production than his Russian counterpart Ovechkin in a 7 game series with the Canadiens.  And keep in mind, Crosby played against a defence that was far more banged up than what Ovechkin played against.

Probably nothing, but hey, I can always hope for hockey coverage to be objective, right?

I can’t say enough about how well the Habs played, but in particular, watching Halak has been an amazing experience thus far.  Thus far, he’s stolen not one, but TWO series against powerhouse offenses.  His .933 is sparkling, especially when you consider that he’s faced about 70 more shots than any other goalie thus far.  Watching him play, I don’t get the dread in the pit of my stomach that I got when I watched Luongo this season.  For some reason, he’s got the Hasek aura about him right now, and he’s in shooters’ heads.  He’s been unbelievable.

Since my Canucks are out, I’ll have to stick with my Canadian roots and root for Les Habs. Let’s go Bleu, Blanc, Rouge!

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