Mailchimp Subscription List!

Howdy all.  Thought I’d post about the subscription box that appeared in the right sidebar of the homepage here on  I encourage you, if you follow this blog, to sign up for the subscription list.  It not only allows me to figure out who actually reads the garbage I write, but also, it will allow you to follow along more easily.  Once a week, I have a program that I just implemented that will shoot out an e-mail to all subscribers updating them on any new posts during that week.

Now I know what you’re thinking.  Great, more spam.  But realize that unless I post something (and any of you know that unless something exciting and crazy is going on (like, say, the playoffs), the e-mail won’t get sent.  I don’t post at an absurd rate.  And even if I do, they’ll all be aggregated into that one, weekly e-mail.  So at most – AT MOST – you’ll be getting one e-mail a week from me.

So … I hope you use the new feature, because it took me hours to learn enough CSS to make it look the way I wanted it to look.  Thanks!

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