My Name is Ryan, and I Battle my Weight.

It’s true.  While I was a pudgy kid during my childhood, I had worked myself into a pretty good athlete in my teenage years.  Even throughout my college years, I had maintained a fairly high level of physical fitness, enough so that I could pursue whatever athletic endeavor tickled my fancy at the time.

However, since Junior year, when I badly sprained my ankle at ultimate practice, it’s been a one injury after another.  Sprained my ankle again.  Threw my elbow out.  Torn meniscus in my knee.  Sprained my other ankle.  Broken collarbone.  Torn cartilage and ligament in my wrist.  And each time, far from healing slowly, I just haven’t had the chance to get back into shape to go forward.  Each time, I got a little heavier, lost a little more muscle, lost a bunch more endurance.  Does it help that I sit at my desk for hours each day, or in a car, or on my couch?  Nope.

Well, I’m here to say that that stops now.  They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.  So I’m posting here to say – I have a problem.  Now it’s time to put the work in to get control of this problem and take care of it.  Look for a weight counter to appear in the sidebar to the right, to keep track of my weight as I try to lose weight the hard way – with hard work.  Wish me luck.

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  1. It probably doesn’t help that your girlfriend can eat anything and stays skinny. I know you can do it!! 🙂 I will support you anyway I can.

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