AT&T’s Tiered Pricing Plan = More Users on Every Other Network


Check out some of those comments at PCWorld.  Yowza.

All I have to say is that AT&T has always sucked – the iPhone saved their miserable company, and they quickly turned around and provided an awful service for it, the whole time bitching about how iPhone users were bogging their data and voice networks down.  But now they’re claiming that the vast majority of users are under 2GB of data usage, and in fact, half of all users are under 200 MB!  I smell some BS a-brewin’.

They’re also using the time-tested strategy of dinging the business user by charging extra per month to tether the phone, and not providing an unlimited plan.  2GB of data is nothing on a laptop.  Stream something HD from a site like Hulu or an online webinar or sales meeting and you’ve gone WAAaaaaay over that very quickly.  At $10 per extra GB, your power business user who takes advantage of the tethering option is going to be eating some big bills.

Will this be the straw that FINALLY breaks iPhone users’ collective backs?  Do you think there will be enough public backlash that Jobs will wake up and try to get his phones on other networks?  I for one hope that that is not the case.  An iPhone on Verizon will mean that their excellent 3G and coverage may be compromised.  Get a clue people: get an Android phone.

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