The Wedding

I’m still tired.

This past weekend was just a blur of driving, pictures and food.  The week leading up the event was wrought with slave labor, what with all the stickers that needed to be stuck, iron-on transfers that needed heat and pressure (MORE HEAT!  MORE PRESSURE!), slideshows that needed to be completed, speeches that needed to be finalized, and all the other small, yet important items that needed to be squared away.  That meant a lot of 3AM nights.  But I was also the only family member working, so that meant a lot of 6:30 AM mornings too.  By Friday, I was beat.

Standing on this side of the wedding though, I can unequivocally say that it was successful, and a lot of fun.  As untraditional as it was (and I think much of Sarah’s family must think that we’re a bunch of godless heathens who take the sanctity of marriage quite lightly), I think it hit a perfectly representative tone for Michael and Sarah.

Some random thoughts:

  • Apologies to Mr. Clark and Jeff Clark for having to witness what must have been my most frustrating round of “golf” ever.  I literally could only hit punch shots (or, as Michael kept calling them, Inglewood Stingers).  Everything else was an off-the-hosel, out-and-out shank.  Wow.  That made Saturday all that much more special.
  • Rod, as officiant, did a good job, despite the fact that he was visibly nervous.
  • The bus driver, however, did not do a good job, and was a real jerk, despite the fact that he was being paid.
  • Rented tuxedos are a real ripoff.  For $138, you get an adjustable size, cheap looking tux, a shirt that is basically a white garbage bag with sleeves (just as breathable), shoes that could not be made to be more uncomfortable, and a clip-on bow tie.  I literally sweat my balls off the entire night.  If I needed to make weight for something?  I’d rent that tux.  By comparison, Michael had one custom made for him by a tailor in Hong Kong for $350.
  • The photographer was … well, I can’t decide if he was a total doucher, or a nice guy.  I hope his finished product turns out better than his on-the-j0b samples that I saw.  Yikes.
  • The venue, which I thought was going to be too small, was actually quite nice, and the service went off pretty well, even though Sarah was pretty pissed that they had somehow forgotten about the tea ceremony.
  • Sarah looked great in her wedding dress, and the cheong saam.  Michael?  Well, he looked better than we did in our rent-a-tuxes.
  • The food was surprisingly good.  Everyone’s favorite was the lobster pasta.  Even the cake was pretty good, especially for wedding cake.

I wrote in this space prior to the wedding that I didn’t like weddings for all the pageantry and hyperbole and hypocrisy.  I like to think that this particular wedding had very little of any of those things.  What it was: a classy, non-traditional, nice ceremony and a raucous celebration.  Congratulations Sarah and Michael!

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