Lakers win title; basketball loses fans

Lakers won the 2010 title tonight, in what has to be one if the worst sporting events I’ve ever had the “pleasure” of watching. Good lord, that was boring as hell. I realized that basketball is fast approaching a level of crappy that I had previously only reserved for baseball. It combines the athleticism of the NFL with the horrible flopping of soccer. Throw in the monotony of baseball, and the unique fact that it invariably takes 30 minutes to play the last minute and a half of any important game, and you have the recipe for an absolute snoozefest.

Tonight, for example, you had two teams that were clearly playing either good defense (kind of), or really shitty offense (absolutely). It was like watching two high school basketball teams in Canada scrap over some meaningless mid-season game. I had a small amount of money and trash talk pride riding on the game, and I was STILL bored out of my gourd.

Kobe played like Kobe does.  His final line: 6/24 from the field, 23 points, 15 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 block.  You read that right – 25% from the field, 2 assists.  I don’t care what any Laketards claim; that’s the Kobe Bryant we all know.  No matter that Pau Gasol has been excellent for most of the series down low on Boston’s slower big men, no matter that Lamar creates match-up problems all over the floor, no matter the fact that there are 4 other players on the floor.  Even more galling is that they gave him the Finals MVP.  Good job Kobe for not passing and throwing up at least as many shots as points in 2 (almost 3) of 7 games.  That’s what we want to encourage, right media?

In the end though, it might not be all bad.  With the awful display of basketball on show last night, I can only imagine that other sports like hockey will win.  The first round of the NHL playoffs were more exciting than any round of the NBA playoffs.  All the game 7s in this year’s hockey playoffs were far and away more exciting.  And of course, leave it to the Laker “faithful” (read: bandwagon fans) to celebrate the only way they know how: by setting cars on fire.  Congrats!

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