Wedding reception – Part 2: the Vancouver Reception

Some notes from this weekend’s Vancouver reception for Michael and Sarah’s wedding:
  • I’m stuffed.  If I was losing weight before this weekend, I piled it back on and then some between Kirin, Golden Ocean and Phnom Phen.  Throw in Shanghai Wonderful, Landmark Hotpot and 3 scoops of cousin Lyndsay’s delicious homemade ice cream?  I’m coming back at fighting weight again.
  • The Club Glove Last Bag really works well.  I was afraid that the soft sided travel bag was not enough protection from the dangerous hands of the airport baggage handlers, but my clubs made it in pristine condition.  I might add that I was able to fit all my clothes for the weekend in there as well.  Quite an incredible luggage.
  • I got 2 rounds at Marine Drive in, one thanks to Uncle Dave, and the other thanks to Aunty Cindy and Uncle Harry (thanks to you both, by the way!).  Selection of stats from round one: GIR – 8, Putts – 32, FWYs hit – 9, Score – 80.  From round 2?  GIR 2, Putts 44, FWYs Hit – 3, Score – 96.  Looks like someone could use a little more conditioning…
  • Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  In the summer though, I’m quite certain that it might just be one of the top 3 cities in the world.
  • It was great to see all the people at the reception!  There were people there I hadn’t seen in years, and some that I don’t even recall meeting – ever.  I think it was great to have basically the entire sum of everyone we grew up with there to help us celebrate Michael’s wedding.
  • Mrs. Clark, Sarah’s mom, doesn’t eat seafood.  So at the reception banquet, what was served?  Like 8 courses of seafood inspired dishes.  It’s a good thing she was advised to pre-eat!
  • Kimberly undoubtedly has the largest head of all the cousins.  By almost a full inch in circumference.  I’m glad we re-affirm this every time we get together.
  • Poor Bobo looked like he was struggling with his handicap, despite still having the personality of a dog half his age.  It might be time to make some difficult decisions and plans.
  • The Night Market is pretty fun, especially when you’re with Christopher, who not only is good at haggling price, but is known to hop behind the counter and help the merchants hock their wares.
  • Shannon is a real trooper.  Not only did I leave her on her own a lot at the reception (and she did great, meeting a jillion people for the first time), but she also got along famously with my mother.  Go figure.
  • David and I took apart the ramp we made for Bobo a few years ago.  I must say, for a couple of amatuer engineers, that ramp not only did not damage the stairs, but was also amazingly sturdy.
  • Westjet might be one of the best airlines out there right now.  You get pretty friendly service, 2 free checked bags, assigned seating, and pretty good prices.  As much as I’ve railed against flying, I’m ok with flying Westjet.

I had a great time, and now am paying for it, dealing with the backlash from that last plate of PP fried chicken.  Aiya… I can never help myself.  Hope to see you all soon, Vancouver contingent!

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