2010 Birthday Wishlist

As this is usually the only thing that gets anyone coming to my site, I’m hoping that this version works the same way, and family and friends will come to the newly renovated ryansung.com and appreciate all the changes I’ve made.  For all of you who do come and see this for the first time, check out the subscription list you can sign up for, which will notify you on a weekly basis of all the new posts I wrote the week prior.

As usual, here are some ideas if you’re stuck:

  • Golf Balls: Taylormade Penta TP
  • Nike Method Putter: The feel off this putter is pretty amazing.  I like model 003, 34″ long.
  • Golf Clothes:
    • I love these pants.  Grey or black, 38X32.
    • These are also nice. Grey, 38×32.
    • These too! Black or Grey, 38×32.
    • Shorts? Black or Grey, 38×32.
    • Puma Shorts. White Blue, 38 (or 40, Puma fits small).
    • Golf shirts: Anything that’s dri-fit-type of material and nothing too garish.  I like stripes and argyle and plain colors.  Probably XL.
  • Workout headphones: something sturdy, water/ sweat resistant, comfortable … something like these.
  • Camera: My digital camera is so outdated these days, my phone takes better pictures.  I’ve been looking into these new micro four-thirds DSLRs like the Panasonic G2.  I’d probably look at this lens to supplement.
  • Gift Cards: Amazon, TGW, Wingstop, Target, Costco, Westjet
  • Lei See
  • Books: I usually ask for books, but because I’ve begun to use Amazon’s excellent Kindle service for reading on my phone/ ipad/ ipod touch, if you’d like to get me a book or magazine subscription, please do so in the Amazon Kindle store (Edit: you may not be able to gift a kindle book; I guess the only way around this is an Amazon gift card and your book recommendation).  Not only are they more economical, they save a lot of paper, and a lot of space in my apartment too!
  • Movies/ Shows: Avatar, The Last Airbender cartoon series Books 1-3 Boxsets
  • Black/ dress Socks: I plow through these like crazy.  I think golf puts holes in my socks faster.  I got some Izod argyle ones that seem to be holding up though.
  • Scotty Cameron Button Back NP 2 or Teryllium 10 NP2.5: I can dream, right?

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