Just one of these kids has to die …

The Dutch version of Abby Sunderland, Laura Dekker, just won the right to try to sail solo around the world.


First of all, who is propagating this ridiculous dream in young teenagers?  It’d be like if I said to myself “You know what?  It’s always been my dream to eat through 60 pounds of fried chicken in one sitting.  That’s my dream.”  WHY?  To what purpose are these kids doing this?  It’s not like they’re going somewhere no one else has gone.  What a meaningless goal.

And really, by what metric are these kids competing?  Age!  Literally, it’s a test of which parent is stupider!

“I bet my kid can get around at 13.”

“Yeah? Well, mine can definitely do it at 12.”

I love her lawyer, Peter de Lange’s, reaction: “Justice has been done,” as if he just put some mafia don behind bars.  No!  There’s no justice anywhere in this story!  Just a stupid court giving a young girl’s parents the right to send her to her potential death.  Congrats Mr. de Lange; you gave the Dekkers the appropriate amount of rope to hang both their daughter and themselves!

Honestly – and this is going to make me look like a ghoul – but one of these kids has to die to make both parents and justice systems wake up and realize what a foolish endeavor these kids are undertaking.

At least this time, though, the girl admits that there is a book deal involved: http://www.lauradekker.nl/Journaal.html.

Well, I guess all I have to do is decide on Popeyes or KFC…

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