Another birthday come and gone, and this was far more laid back than all the rest.  A simple dinner with a few close friends, and birthday wishes pouring in from social networks, e-mail and even snail mail.  Thank you to all of those who sent along birthday wishes!

Today is Dad’s birthday, and he would have been 63.  Seems like a long time ago that he died.  My family and I still get pensive on days like today, knowing that were he alive, he would probably have that goofy smile on his face, and would probably be getting ready to chow down.

So, in honor of his memory, my brother’s and I are getting together this weekend to put Michael’s new smoker to the test.  I’ve got some bacon curing (wet cure), and I got us a duck.  Michael is curing a salmon.  Should be veeeeeery interesting, and, if I know anything about my dad, he would have been on a flight down here to take part.

Of course, we’re also unleashing Christopher on the military golf course up at Edwards.  I’m not sure I’ve got enough balls to get him through the day.  This should be fun.

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