Social networking gone right for a change

So, I’m browsing the buy, sell, trade forum at my favorite golf forum website,, and I stumble across this post:  It’s about a guy who is selling all of his golf stuff in order to pay for the medical bills related to his newly born premature baby who is in the newborn ICU.  The reaction to his plight absolutely floored me.

If you want to talk about the evils of social networking, then you should juxtapose those stories with ones like this.  The groundswell of support, kind words, donations, volunteer help – even turning the media on to this story to help it gain steam – is everything about social networking gone right.

I urge you to at least read some of the thread on that forum.  It’s truly amazing.  Just when you throw your hands up in disgust about all the Palins, the terrorists, the ridiculous extremists in the news, and all the things wrong with the world, something like this comes along and shows you that there is still some good out there.

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