What’s New?

Wow, is Q1 over already?  Yikes!  I haven’t posted in FOREVER.  Quick updates, I guess:

  • Life at Zappos has, for the most part, been amazing!  It’s been some gnarly hours for the last few weeks, but I couldn’t be enjoying my team or the company more.  It’s certainly an adjustment, getting used to the constant distractions at work and balancing the culture activities with your actual job duties, but I feel like I’ve hit a pretty good equilibrium for now.  It’s really the small things, like them trusting you to get your stuff done to not care if you walk to Starbucks in the middle of the day, or the constant feedback, both upwards and downwards, or the teambuilding and culture building activities that go on every week.  This is a great friggin’ company to work for, even if I do work the odd 70 hour week.
  • I took my first golf lesson in … forever with Nevada’s acclaimed Mike Davis (rated 2nd best in NV by Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, etc.).  Shannon got me a package of 3 lessons with him for our 4 year anniversary.  He was really good!  He made some small changes to my grip, ball position, and back swing, and was super encouraging about the work I’ve done on my own for the last 2 years.  It was really enthusing to see just how on plane my swing is – his words: “look at that, you’re perfectly on plane.  That’s fantastic.  You have great instincts for impact and the downswing.”  In fact, when we were looking at my swing on the computer monitor, he asked me “do you play in any tournaments?” and “What do you shoot usually?  You should be breaking 80 regularly with this swing.” (to which I thought to myself “you haven’t seen me putt yet…”).  Even better was that you had free reign of the range after your lesson, so I spent an hour and a half extra after my hour lesson, beating balls.  That was fun!
  • Sarah’s 30th birthday came and went.  It was a really good time!  Shannon and I drove out to CA and stayed with Michael and Sarah in Palmdale.  We had dinner at the Lazy Ox Canteen, which was fantastic small plates.  It’s a new restaurant not more than a few blocks from Michael’s old Tokyo Lofts apartment (yeah, the one right next to Skid Row).  That area has completely changed, and there are a bunch of trendy new small restaurants and some nicer apartment buildings and lofts.  We walked down to a couple of bars afterwards, both of which were in “grittier” parts of the area, but were both really cool.  Honestly, the evening made me miss LA a little bit.  It was all of the things that Vegas lacks – small, bistro style restaurants with amazing, multi-ethnic influenced foods, and a true downtown area in which both history and culture collide (and that isn’t outdone by an area not 5 minutes away).

Can’t believe the first quarter has already ended.  I’ll try to update a little more, even if they are short.  Take care!

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