Blog? What Blog?

Yeah, this site hardly qualifies as a blog.  I know tombstones that get updated more frequently.  But I’m going to try to force myself to write something – ANYTHING – 3 times a week.  It’ll be like my constant struggle to make myself less fat.

  • Saw Drive; that was a solid movie.  Dunno if I’d rate it above the Pooh line, but it was certainly an entertaining tale of vengeancy justice.  What’s the Pooh line, you say?  The Pooh line is 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, or the score that the newest Winnie the Pooh movie scored.  If a movie is above the Pooh line, I will actively try to see it – whether it’s with friends or by myself.  If the movie is below the Pooh line, but above the POO line (79% on RT), I’ll see it, but only if it’s with friends.  Anything below that, I ain’t wasting my time.
  • I’m genuinely excited for the start of the hockey season.  As deep into the summer as hockey went, those 6 or 8 weeks or whatever of no hockey – really, no sports – I’m hankering for the pros to get back on the ice.  That said, the team that most teams are putting on the ice in the pre-season so far hardly qualify as pros.  Heck, the Canucks are throwing Owen Nolan out there.  Owen Nolan!  He hasn’t been good since the early 2000s!
  • Moneyball should have been below the Pooh line.  It was like … an hour too long.  There were copious and gratuitous shots of Brad Pitt – eating, driving, working out, more eating, more working out, and more driving.  It was just a strange milieu of Brad Pitt doing regular things.  That said, how do you really make a movie about a couple of guys who decided to use statistical analysis to build a baseball team?  The exciting bits were a) when they were fighting their own scouting staff, b) some of the baseball moments, and c) Beene’s decision at the end.  On top of that, the film makers decided to impose some kind of commentary into the GM’s private life, and his ultimate place in baseball’s legacy.  It felt heavy handed and out of place.  I probably wouldn’t have given it higher than an 83-85%.
  • I ran 3 miles yesterday on a treadmill.  Took me 27:47.  Hey, any time you can run sub-10 minute miles, it’s a good thing right?  Good lord that’s slow; and I was struggling mightily to finish!
Well, that’s all folks.  Till next time.

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