Yesterday, our team did an offsite at the Ogden, a condo complex in downtown Vegas.

It was a fun and, hopefully, useful day that started at 6:30AM for me.  There was team bonding, there was some back and forth about the direction of the team, and about everyone’s frustrations.  We also took a tour of city hall, the future headquarters of Zappos.  There are jails in the dungeon!  We finished at the Vanguard, a cool little bar just down the street.  We finished around 6PM, at which point, I went home, had some dinner (Shannon cooked; and it was pretty good!) and did some work.  I closed the laptop around midnight, and hit the sack around 12:30AM.

Not more than 15 minutes later, the phone rings to wake me up, saying something happened to the pricing engine.  3 hours later, I finally got to go to bed, after an eventful 22 hour day.  Needless to say, I was dragging ass today.  I passed out for 3 hours when I got home, and completely missed the movie we wanted to go to tonight (50/50).  *sigh* I feel like a doctor, but without the psychic benefit of getting to save people’s lives.

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