Browsing around the internet the other day and stumbled across a site called  Pretty interesting site about how creating bentos – not necessarily Japanese bentos, but really, portioned controlled lunch – can help you lose weight and eat healthier.  I’ve decided to try it out for a few weeks.  One can put together these menus in 20 minutes in the morning (assuming you’ve got the rice ready to go with a timed rice cooker, and have done a little prep prior).  I can attest that if you don’t care what shape your veggies are in – the site shows these wonderful pictures of animal shaped carrots and cucumbers – you can do it in quite a bit less time than that.

Of course, on Monday, when I took my “bento”, the only container I had was a fairly large tupperware with snap on lid.  In order to fill the tupperware, it must have been like … 2 bowls of rice along with my tamagoyaki, sauteed garlic spinach and peas.  Probably too much.  I ordered a bento box off of Amazon (which, hilariously, was labeled at MSRP 420 yen – read: ~4 bucks), which should help the portion control.

Tonight, I made some Momofuku pickled carrots to go into my bento tomorrow, as well as some broccoli to blanch and some chicken marinating in the fridge.  We’ll see how that goes.

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  1. I was trying to figure out who the hell was ordering all these bento boxes with my Amazon account.

    I will be interested to see if there’s any slimming effect. I note that you bought something like five bento boxes: eating a gigantic meal divided into five boxes is not going to work, I’m guessing.

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