Birthday List

I’m not going to pretend that I’m using this site properly – I’ve been so slammed with work these past 6 months that I have probably 5 or 6 drafts that just never got finished.  Only thing I can do is wipe the slate clean and start over.  So, here’s the one constant throughout the years I’ve owned this site: birthday and Christmas wish lists.

I find these get shorter every year – I guess you lose the desire for more stuff as you get older.  I know I’d just be happy to get back to Hawaii with the family, or back to Vancouver to enjoy the food and golf.  But, here it is, in case you’re interested.

  • Nexus 7 (16gb): I’m fully an android guy at this point, having no Apple products in my life.  And I’m ok with that; Android and it’s affiliates have been pumping out some great products, and the OS has really rounded into form.  Case in point is the Nexus 7, which is, spec-wise, as good or better than the iPad, and comes pre-loaded with the next version of Android.  From all reports, Jelly Bean is like the Windows 7 to Ice Cream Sandwich’s XP – everything not only works a bit better, it all works faster and more smoothly.
  • Galaxy Nexus Car Dock (GSM): I’m sure you’re saying to yourself (those of you that know what GSM means) “But you own the LTE version!”.  Yes, I do, but with a very small modification to the volume rocker portion of the accessory, this will work with both the LTE version and LTE version with extended battery.  And, as Michael can attest to, I currently can’t have my navigation on, screen on, and still get a charge with my current set up.  I’ll plug my phone in, turn on navigation, and get out of the car at my destination with less juice than when I got in.  Fun.  Keep in mind, this is NOT the accessory that Verizon is selling.  That is just a hunk of plastic in the same shape.
  • Gift cards: Not going to lie – I like shopping at Zappos.  And I happen to do it a fair amount, and whatever I can’t find at Zappos, I can find on Amazon.
  • New Hockey Stick: I have a spare, but I really don’t like the feel or weight of it.  Really like the Warrior sticks – I have a pro-stock shaft that’s awesome.  How about this one in a Draper 100 flex?
  • Hockey stick blades: I don’t break these as often as I used to, but they do tend to crack and get flimsy fairly fast.  Need a Datsyuk, right handed.
  • New Gloves: My gloves have some fairly large holes in them at this point.  Is that a problem?  I don’t know.  It makes them easier to ventilate, so they smell less.  But these are quite a bit nicer!  Black/silver (156).
  • Nissan 2013 GT-R: just to see if you’re reading.  But having watched the UK Top Gear’s review of this car … yowza.
  • Cool socks: patterns (stripes, dots, anchors, animals, mythical animals, templar knights, whatever else you can find) on navy, browns, blacks or greys are great.  Or some of these.
  • Mizuno MP-59s 4-PW, 1/4″ longer, standard loft and lie with KBS Tour Stiff shafts: would be my holy grail set of irons right now.
  • Golf balls: you can never have too many golf balls, especially out here in the desert.  I play Bridgestone E6s or Taylormade Penta TP5s.  Also gave the Nike 20XI balls a try and liked them, especially the tour S (spin) ones.
  • Panasonic GX1: I love my camera, and I’ve taken it everywhere.  Mom even makes fun of me, lugging around my camera messenger wherever we go.  Which is precisely why I’m looking for a smaller form factor.  The GX1 is also a micro 4/3s camera that works with the lenses I have for my current camera, but it’s the size of a medium-to-large compact camera, perfect for travelling, parties, and everyday use.  I’ll still rely on my current camera for any more serious stuff – I love the electronic view finder, and the articulating screen – but it’s a lot to carry what with airline regs these days.  Body only, or with the electronic zoom lens.
  • NHL Live subscription for next season: This was actually pretty awesome to have last year.  I probably watched more hockey than I have in years, and got to watch the Canucks regularly, which was great.  That it doesn’t come with the playoffs kind of sucks, but being able to watch on any computer, my phone, my tablet, or at home on my TV?  Worth it.
  • Plane tickets to Hawaii, Japan, San Fran or Vancouver: my favorite places.
  • Cookbooks: I love the internet, and is a godsend.  But there are some cookbooks that not only are useful for techniques and recipes, but that also change one’s outlook on cooking.  Think of something like the Momofuku cookbook; not only are there some really good and useful recipes in there, but David Chang takes you through the struggles of setting up his operations, and the creative process he goes through when he puts together his concepts and menus.  And in many of the recipes, he’s encouraging you to open your mind, not take the recipe as rote and try things.  I love these kind of cookbooks.

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