6 Months Post-Op: I turned a corner!

It finally happened!

For a long time, it seemed like my rehab had kind of stalled out.  I had good progress out of the crutches, and steady progress from balancing to calf raises, and then it was like treading water for like 2 months straight.  Even though I assured myself that all the effort would pay off at some point, it’s frustrating to put in a ton of time and effort into something and get nothing in return!

This past week, however, a few things happened:

  1. Calf raises became inexplicably less painful to do.  They still feel not great, but they don’t hurt like they used to.
  2. Limping started to go away.
  3. Swelling happens less and less
  4. More muscle pain, less acute pain.  The pain is less stabby, and more … electricky (?).  Like a bruise.  AND …
  5. I got to swing a golf club!

Golf is my first major milestone, and this weekend, I got the OK to try the driving range.  I was ecstatic, partly because the ankle felt pretty good – I was a little wary at first to really put all my weight onto it, but at the end I was pretty much going at it full boar – but also because I was hitting the ball surprisingly well!  Straight, and up to a club longer!  That was a bit shocking.  In fact, it was harder walking to and from the range than it was to actually hit balls; the grass and slope of the land are quite hard on my ankle muscles.  It’s crazy to think that in maybe 4 weeks, I could be back out on the golf course!

In addition, it seems like the leg in general is starting onto the next evolution of rehab.  I can push it a little now, without the pain and intense fear of tearing it again.  I still can’t walk QUITE right, and running is still a ways off, but for the first time in a while, I can see forward movement, and some light at the end of the tunnel.  I am a bit conflicted about the end of this journey though, as I will miss PT when it’s all over; not only has it been a forced reminder to balance my personal life and work life, but I’ve also got to know my therapist and some of the techs well.  They are a fun, happy, supportive group of people, and not getting to see them 3 times a week, 10 hours a week will be a difficult change.

I’ll update when I actually get to my milestone; until then, take care.

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  1. I am at the end of month 4 of my achilles repair and I am totally hitting my wall and feeling like there is no end insight (the most dramatic version of how I feel). What happens after month 6th? Did you get back to normal?

    1. Hi Ashton,

      Sorry for taking so long to reply! In my experience, the 6 month mark was when things started to feel closer to normal. I still had pain, stiffness, soreness, etc. But I no longer felt like the end of the road was so far into the future that I couldn’t see it. Of course, it was a full 18 months before I really got back into full activity. Every has their pace though; I’ve read about people that have gone much faster and people that have gone MUCH slower.

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