Birthday Wishlist – The End of the 3rd Decade Edition

Where did all the time go?

When I left for Japan, I remember thinking that I had a vast expanse of time in front of me.  With school over, there was no “next thing” waiting for me, no clear next step, and I was free to do whatever I wanted.  8 years later, I’m looking back on my 20s thinking “what the hell was that?”

So, in celebration of the close of my 20s, the categories are split into memorable moments from my last decade of life.  As always, if you have a good idea for a gift, do that!  I’m much more interested in what you think I’d like!

The Japanese Adventure Category

  • A healthy, happy next decade: maybe fewer surgeries in the next 10 years, m’kay?
  • A meal at L’Atelier (at the MGM), with close friends and family
  • Plane tickets to Hawaii, Vancouver, Baltimore, Japan, France, Italy, or Spain
  • A brother’s trip to any of these places.
  • A Nissan GT-R: I saw a late 90s, street legal Japanese import on ebay in California the other day, steering wheel on the right and all!  Not that I think it’d be a good idea for me to drive one of THOSE, but the price was a little lower than the 2014.
  • A Canuck Stanley Cup win.
  • An apartment in Tokyo.
  • A New 50″ TV: From what I’ve seen at CES and read on the internet, the Samsung ones are fantastic.
  • A round at Pebble Beach, Augusta National, The Old Course, or, really, any awesome golf course.  And a lot of balls.

The “Canada Wins Gold!” Category

  • A Nike Method Putter: The old school Method, the first one they came out with, that has an all stainless head with the filled grooves?  That thing is fantastic.  Not the Method core, which feel like you’re using a cardboard tube to putt.  Or, you know … if you can get your hands on a good condition flow neck Button Back or a Terrylium Ten for a reasonable price …
  • A Playstation 4 or an Xbox One: I’m hesitant to choose here; I’ve been a playstation guy for a long, long time, but it’s hard to deny that the Xbox has some really strong things going for it.  I’d likely stay Playstation, but ….
  • A Panasonic GX-7 Camera: much more portable than my G2, uses the same lenses.
  • A pair of Graf Skates: I’m going to say that I’m going to have some fit problems when I get back to hockey.  Graf are probably the only manufacturer that I know of that makes different skates for different shaped feet/ankles.

The “MOCHI!!!” Category

  • A new phone: I think I’m sold on the HTC One
  • Kitchenaid stand mixer attachments: I bought a stand mixer to celebrate a recent promotion. There are a few attachments I think would be really interesting like the meat grinder, the ice cream attachment (gotta fit a 7 Qt model) and the pasta roller.
  • Kitchen aid 3Qt Combi bowl and Whip: smaller bowl for smaller jobs, esp. whipping egg whites and cream.
  • A watch you think I’d like.
  • Drifting lessons: I’ve always wanted to do this… I know they have classes out at the speedway, not more than a half hour to the north of where I live.

The “I Graduated!” Category

  • A gift card: Zappos, Amazon, Google Play
  • A great book: I think I’ve read the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo trilogy like 9 times now, just cause it’s on my phone. A kindle book would be great!
  • Golf Balls: You figure, coming back from not having hit a ball in 7 or 8 months, I’m gonna need a lot of balls… Big fan of the Taylormade Pentas 5s and the Bridgestone E6s in the past, but I haven’t played in a while.
  • Pie weights: You know, I’ve never really been a fan of pie weights.  I never considered them to be useful, in that you can replicate their function with beans or rice.  But I’ve found that you can’t, really; beans and rice aren’t heavy enough to really get the job done, you can only use them for so long, and you basically can’t use them as beans or rice anymore!  Enough for a 9″ tart/pie.
  • Some sweet socks: Stance socks are fun, and tend to last a little while. Loafer socks are great too!

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