The Blog, Reinvigorated

It has been an incredibly long time since I have updated this site.  I considered shutting it down – honestly, if you don’t post anything for 2 years, do you really have anything to say?  But I decided to keep it up, if for no other reason than I learn about how to manage wordpress and how to host a site, and some basic CSS, etc. in putting this together.  And since I so infrequently do it, I have to learn it all over again every time I do!

So, in the interim between posts, I’ve moved to Seattle, which has been a huge change.  New job, new city, new apartment – it’s been a whirlwind of change.  But I do get to be closer to my family, especially my two cute little nephews and my mom; they’re both getting older, and it was time to stop missing the fun and interesting things that go along with them aging.

I’ve also become way more interested in photography, focusing mostly on landscapes, HDR, and street photography.  It’s become a hobby I can do anywhere, but it also gives me a reason to get outside, walk around, explore, and see the world a bit.  It’s also been  … expensive.  You can see some of my work at, and I’ll be posting some of it here too.  If you get a chance, like my Facebook page or look me up on Instagram.

I’m hoping, now that I’ve finally got this page up again, that I’ll be posting more often, but I’ve made promises before that I’ve had a tough time keeping.  Thus, I’m not gonna promise anything this time, but maybe – just maybe! – this will be the time it sticks.

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